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Event Event Date Event End Date Location Individual Price Register
Establishing a PMO 21-01-2019 21-01-2019 London £550
Understanding Blockchain for Business 25-01-2019 25-01-2019 London £550
Making Monitoring and Evaluation Systems that Work (5 day variant) 04-02-2019 08-02-2019 Istanbul €3400
Monitoring and Evaluation for Practitioners 04-03-2019 07-03-2019 Beijing $3000
Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation 18-03-2019 20-03-2019 New York $2000

What is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis and the role of the business analyst is a commonly misunderstood discipline within organisations.

Ask yourself:

- How does the organisation make sure it makes the right change investments?
- How can you ensure that effective requirements for change projects are collected?
- Who produces robust Business Cases and then validates the realisation of benefits?

In reality we find the many of the above listed items don't happen and yet effective business analysis can ensure that they do and help to prioritise change that will make a positive difference to both your organisation and to your customers.

We work with organisations in the establishment of business analysis in an organisation, developing and delivering training, bespoke and accredited, to increase business analysis skills, and providing resources for specific business analysis projects.